With the premiere of the series, this week has simply been surreal. This series has been in the works for 4 years and to think it remained it was basically total anonymity for most of that still blows me away. That being said, now that Endurance Traveler has been introduced to the world. I couldn't be happier with the response. The press has been amazing and so have all the comments. Thank you everyone that showed up at the premier party and everyone that tuned in to Ironman South Africa. If you missed the first episode, re-airs are still happening in many regions around the country so check out http://endurancetraveler.tv/schedule_b.aspx to see when we air in your house. I especially want to say thanks to Caroline, Oscar, Paul, Maneet, Laz, David, Sandra, and Christian who really driving forces to help bring you Endurance Traveler.

The boys at the Premiere


  1. Dean,

    I was Heather's 2nd kayak this past July in Key West. The show was really well done. Congrats on finishing an hour faster! You should check out the Peanut Island 24. It is a 24 hour endurance run over New Years Eve (West Palm Beach). Best of luck with the rest of the season and hope to see you back in Key West next year.


  2. Dean,
    Good series, you made our "season pass" on TIVO!

    So, when is your Ultraman Planned...you know you get double credit for IM when you complete it!